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Adult Services

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Adult Counseling & Therapy

the Adult Counseling & Therapy (ACT) Program has been offering hope, healing and support to those, 18 years and older, living with a mental illness. Our staff and quality of services provided is what sets us apart from other programs. Providing partial care services and treatment models that are proven to be successful, staff supports each adult to identify and remove any barriers they may be facing in life. Combining group and activity therapies in conjunction with individualized recovery plans, consumers have an opportunity to participate daily in a structured and comprehensive program.

Community Living Supports

Archway's Residential Community Homes have been in operation for over thirty years providing support to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).  Our beautiful homes are located in quiet residential settings throughout southern and central New Jersey.


Staff provide a wide variety of individualized supports to adults, including but not limited to supporting good health, assisting with communication, teaching life skills, teaching problem solving and social skills, supporting community inclusion and participation, supporting individual’s recreation choices, supporting individual’s self care, household, budgeting/ financial management needs as well as supporting clients in reaching individual goals. 


Residential Community Homes

Archway Programs has been providing support services to consumers with intellectual and developmental (I/DD) in the community for over thirty years.  In the Community Living Supports Program, clients typically live independently or with their family in the community but need some support to maintain their independence.  Archway employees support clients in this program in a wide variety of individualized services.  Clients typically receive between ten to fifteen hours of service per week.  Services include but are not limited to assisting with self care needs, supporting good health, assisting with communication, assisting with life skills, supporting individual’s recreation choices, assisting individuals with budgeting/ financial management needs,  as well as supporting consumers in reaching individual goals.

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