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Archway Programs Executive Management Summary of Performance Improvement 2012-2013


Archway Programs embraces a corporate performance improvement plan, along with professional policies, that define best practice. We value the ability to document the fine work we do every day, and strive to meet the primary goal of our mission statement: “to assist children and adults to succeed.”


Performance improvement (PI) at Archway Programs is based on organizational and individual commitment to maintain a “culture of continuous improvement” in the delivery of educational, social services, early childhood and behavioral healthcare services. The PI Plan at Archway Programs also embraces the internal and organizational support services that facilitate successful program offerings. These include board of trustees, administration, human resources, finance, program services and transportation.


Our Program Improvement Plan monitors and evaluates our successes through clearly defined outcome measures, and tracking and trending based on quarterly and year-end data collection and reporting, and the identification of opportunities for further program improvement.


Archway Programs continued its commitment to achieving service excellence in FY 2012-13 by developing program and client goals and objectives. Outcomes were reviewed monthly during departmental Quality Council Meetings, and the data were presented quarterly to the Executive Leadership Team. We summarized the data at year end, and then measured for success, identifying opportunities to improve with a focus on:


Access:  Enhances and promotes access by …

Efficiency: Improved our program and business efficiency through …         

Effectiveness:  Improved evidence of effectiveness by…

Customer/Stakeholder:  Enhanced services by…

Throughout the year, Archway Programs continued to assess progress being made in all programs by asking: 


  • How well did we manage program and consumer goals?

  • What impact did our goals have on our consumers and students?

  • When surveyed, did our consumers realize success?

  • In what ways might we improve our organization’s delivery of services?


Our corporate performance improvement framework integrates strategy with business operations. It gives leadership a prospective and real-time picture of what is happening across the organization and provides a robust platform to support future growth and best practice. It helps everyone in our corporation, from line staff to program directors, address the fundamental business questions of: How are we doing? Why are we doing it this way? What else could we be doing to earn success?


Here then, are Administrative, Human Resources, Program Services, Early Childhood, Education and Human Services program highlights from 2012-13, driven by gathered data and measured for opportunity against our time-tested performance model.

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