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What parents say about Just Kids...

Diane from Logan said…...As a working mother of two, Just Kids has been a very large part of my children's lives. It helped them be able to get along with other kids, sharing and even play simple games. It has really helped my daughter, who has Down Syndrome just be another kid. She goes and looks forward to playing house, learning games and doing crafts. I like that she is given no special attention and just blends in with all the other kids.


Jill from Radix said…….I have two kids in the program. I know that my children are being cared for by wonderful people who are keeping them safe. It is especially convenient that the program is held at their respective school so that I do not have to worry about them getting on a bus. In this day and age, you cannot trust your children with just anyone. The fact that the same people come back year after year to take care of my children is a wonderful feeling.


Frankie from Mary Bray said…..More than words can say! Many times when I arrive earlier than expected, she will ask to stay longer. That simple request speaks volumes for the program.


Maggie from Whitman said…..It is such a relief as a parent to feel confident and secure leaving my child in the care of nice people who take time to run a well organized program.. We love that our child has choices for activities and she is able to get a good breakfast and snack and that all the while she is in the company of people she likes and trusts.


Jeanette from Bells said…..They welcome my children with open arms every morning. They frequently engage in activity with them. I feel like it is the safest place for them next to my home.


Cheryl from Avon said…...My son can continue to learn in the afterschool program, improve on social skills, hobbies, and other things that other children and the staff can teach him.


Patty & Mike from Bellmawr Park said…...Just Kids at Bellmawr is great! It helps us because we both work and we are not home at 3:00, besides this, my daughter loves going to the afterschool program. She learns a lot, plays, has more friends and loves the teachers. This is a great program and we are all very happy!


Tina from Hurffville said…..My daughter completed the program from 1st-5th grade, now my son is in his 3rd year. It amazes me how they manage all the children and they do it proudly and with true love of this job, but most of all the love they give the children. They have picked up on when something was bothering my child and informed me before I even spotted my son. I can’t imagine anyone going anywhere else but to this program.


Dawn from John Glenn said…...It is a very good program. They give them a good breakfast and nutritional snack in the afternoon. I know that my son is in a safe and secure place and is with good people that watch over him.


Linda from Magnolia said…...I feel the program is well rounded with indoor and outdoor activities. Just Kids is also very cost effective in these trying times.


Doreen from Mark Newbie said…...The afterschool program has and does mean a lot to our family. The freedom alone is worth the price — freedom of worry about; is my child safe? Is he being productive? Did he do his homework? With the afterschool program all worries are removed.


Chenae from Merchantville said…….Just Kids means safety and mentorship. The providers are caring and the program is one of the best things about Merchantville school.


Cedric from Sharp said……The program is a saving grace for working parents giving us the flexibility to pick up or kids after normal working hours. This program shouldn’t be confused with a babysitting service because it’s more than just a service, it’s a program filled with providers who care about our children and their well being.


Adrienne & Michael from Tatem said…..Consistent, quality, safe, fun afterschool care for my daughter. It’s very comforting as a parent to know your child is well cared for while you’re at work! Thank you!!


Lisa from Wedgewood said…..Just Kids means peace of mind for me, knowing that our daughter is in a safe environment with a chance to forge new friendships. The staff is not only competent but very caring.


Jahaida from Volz said…..I am at peace while at work knowing my child is in good hands.


Dawn from Zane said…..Just Kids made it easier for me to return to work after nine years of being a stay at home mom. See what Parents have to say about the Just Kids program….

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