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Chasin' the Dream with Michael Dean (an Archway production)
An Archway student inspires others as he pursues his dream of dance.

A 9th grade student at Archway’s Upper School is currently following his dream of becoming a dancer thanks to a very dedicated teacher at Archway’s Upper School. Archway student, Michael Dean, has begun building his portfolio for when he is ready to pursue dance at an academic institute post-graduation. After hearing of Michael’s dream, Mike Peters, Paraprofessional at Archway’s Upper School and Career Education Program, looked into the possibility of creating a new class to help his student pursue this dream. Mr. Mike and other Archway staff from the Upper School talked to Michael and proposed to create a new broadcasting class if his behavior stayed on track. Soon after, the class was formed and is now offered to Archway students through the Career Education Program.


“I saw him light up with joy at the idea and as of January 2018 to now, Michael has roughly 13 videos in his portfolio and we only just started this year.  Michael has a Gold card and is aiming for Platinum, has perfect attendance and has begun realizing his progress and ability. I know Michael has big dreams and he can reach them with the right direction,” said Mike Peters, Paraprofessional of Archway’s Upper School and Career Education Program.


This isn’t just a dream for Michael, it’s also how he expresses his individuality and copes with his emotions. Michael said that when he is feeling down or depressed he dances to help alleviate any stress or frustration.  The broadcasting class allows Archway students to get a preview of various elements that go into the multimedia production world.  As you can imagine, this is something that students are interested in pursuing.  Through the broadcasting class, Archway students learn how to operate a camera, import and export media, align overdubs and background music, as well as choreograph and write scripts.

Michael, you are doing an excellent job. Your Archway family is incredibly proud of you! Keep up the hard work, stay focused and keep moving forward. You are turning your dream into a reality and are truly an inspiration for others.


Please help us support Michael as he chases this dream and builds his portfolio for college, by sharing the video below and offering any positive words of wisdom.


Here is a link to the video as well which can be found on Archway's YouTube page:

Thank you Honda of Turnersville for six years of support!
"Archway Programs couldn’t be more appreciative for the compassion and generosity that Honda of Turnersville has shown to the youth in our HOPE and DISCOVER programs throughout the years. These kids are working to overcome some major barriers in life, and this partnership has impacted the lives of hundreds of children. Each year, it’s incredible to see the number of volunteers from Honda who want to give back and help those in need,” said George Richards, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.
On December 12th, Honda of Turnersville hosted the 6th Annual
Holiday Party for both HOPE and DISCOVER programs. Each year,
Honda of Turnersville staff and families volunteer to host the highly
anticipated event, which gives children the opportunity to take a
break from the daily challenges they face and just be kids. In addition
to coordinating vendors, caterers, balloons, photo booth, games, and
music, generous volunteers from Honda of Turnersville made sure
each child received presents this year.
General Manager Min Chin had a few tricks up his sleeve this year,
too! As the kids anxiously stood in the Honda dealership looking
out the windows for Santa to arrive, the dealership announced
that Santa needed a little help. That’s when the Phillie Phanatic
came running into the dealership to surprise the kids. The
expressions on the kids’ faces were priceless, and they could hardly
believe that they got to meet the Phillie Phanatic himself.
Honda PR_8.jpg
For the past six years, Honda of Turnersville (Penske Automotive) has supported Archway's
HOPE and DISCOVER youth programs to ensure kids from both programs have a wonderful holiday.

With help from the Phillie Phanatic, Santa arrived on a decked out firetruck escorted by volunteers from the Whitman Square Fire Company of Washington Township.

“This event was all about the kids – letting go of their everyday stressors and hardships, even if it was just for one night. Seeing smiles on their faces may have been the best gift of all,” said Min Chin, General Manager of Honda of Turnersville.

To read more please click here. Please enjoy our highlight video from the event.

SJ Biz Magazine recognizes Archway Programs as a Nonprofit Star of 2018!
Each year, SJ Biz Magazine awards the top nonprofit organizations and industry leaders in the South Jersey area. Archway Programs was selected by SJ Biz Magazine as one of their Nonprofit Stars of 2018!
Thank you SJ Biz Magazine for recognizing Archway Programs for making an impact in the lives of others in our community!
This is a really exciting time for our growing organization. Archway Programs has extended its mission of delivering positive transformation not only to its client base, but also to its internal network of employees. To read more, click here.
The online November 2018 edition of SJ Biz Magazine can be found on their website. The nonprofit feature can also be found online by clicking here.
2018 nonprofitstars_AP_sm.png
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We have a new webpage for The Bridge! Please visit or click here to view the page.
This is where you'll be able to find past editions of The Bridge. This is also where you can subscribe to The Bridge, as shown here. Just visit the page, and enter you name, email address and click 'Subscribe Now!'  to receive the latest Archway news delivered straight to your inbox.
Archway's E-Newsletter has a new page!
1000 books logo_color.png
Archway Programs Supports Nationwide Early Literacy Program
1000 Books Before Kindergarten launches its first satellite location

In an effort to help support another nonprofit serving young children from birth to five years old, Archway Programs opens its doors to 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, a nonprofit which provides a nationwide early literacy program to thousands of  children. This new pilot program will launch its first satellite location at Archway Programs’ location in Washington Township, New Jersey. The new program will be dubbed “1000 Books Reading Nook” and will open its doors for the local community prior to officially opening for a special celebration.


THIS Friday (11/2) from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m., The 1000 Books Reading Nook will kick off the new program with a grand opening celebration. Please join us and local community members to support the growing early literacy initiative in South Jersey.


Click here to view the flyer for more information regarding the 1000 Books Reading Nook's grand opening event! To read our press release, click here.

Archway's 8th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk

Each year, the goal of the Annual Cancer Awareness Walk event is to educate others about cancer and raise funds to support individuals facing the fight against cancer. This year, the reason is a little more personal for Archway employees. Click here to read the full story and find out why.


Be sure to watch our highlights video to see some of our favorite memories from the event!

Thank you to our employees, clients, families and local community for your continued support! A special thanks to  Evesham Fire-Rescue, the Waterford Township Police Department and our parent affiliate, Woods Services for attending and making this a special event for our clients. We would also like to thank SNJ Today and The Sentinel of Gloucester County  for sharing our story.

Photo of kids on bridge.JPG
Stacey and Jerrice_1000 Books_1.jpeg

Archway Programs’ Early Intervention Program and Therapeutic In-Home Services Director Stacey Edwards with 1000 Books Before Kindergarten’s Community Director Jerrice Moore at the 1000 Books Reading Nook.

Archway launches first e-newsletter...The Bridge!

This week we launched the first edition of our monthly e-newsletter, The Bridge. To view the October edition, click here.


We value your feedback.

Check it out and let us know what you think.            


If there's something you want to see in the next edition, email us at!

The Bridge_HL_edited.jpg

Congratulations to Gabe Garcia for winning our employee-wide "Name the E-Newsletter" contest! Here's a video of Archway staff surprising Gabe. His reaction is priceless!


To read more about the contest and learn about Gabe's inspiration on,  The Bridge, click here.

"Name the E-Newsletter" Employee Contest Winner!
Early Intervention Program continues to grow through new partnership.

The Step By Step Program provides therapeutic services to children experiencing delays in reaching developmental milestones or with a medical diagnosis that puts them at risk for delay. This will allow staff from Voorhees Pediatric Rehabilitation Services to support Archway’s Step By Step Program and get out in the community to help more families. Both organizations began discussing the opportunity back in May and expect to start working together early September 2018.

VPF_group 2.JPG

“We are confident that this new collaboration will be a success and provide future growth opportunities as more children in need of early intervention services are supported,” stated Douglas Kalbach, Physical Therapist and Director of Voorhees Pediatric Rehabilitation Services.

To read the full story, click here.


Archway Programs has partnered with Voorhees Pediatric Rehabilitation Services, in association with Voorhees Pediatric Facility, to expand its early intervention program, Step By Step, serving children from birth through three years old. This collaboration with Voorhees Pediatric Rehabilitation Services will give Archway Programs the opportunity to provide additional supports to children with special needs. 

The Archway School at Cooper's Poynt

Archway Programs has expanded its special education services with the launch of a new innovative program, The Archway School at Cooper’s Poynt. An approved private school, The Archway School at Cooper's Poynt offers a groundbreaking method for delivering academics, social and life skills to students seeking private school placement in a public school.


Serving students in Camden City and surrounding school districts,   grades K-5th (ages 5-10), The Archway School at Cooper’s Poynt will implement a multisensory approach to learning. The objective is to focus on each child’s strengths while providing positive developmental supports to those with behavioral, emotional, intellectual and/or multiple disabilities.


Archway Programs will utilize vacant space in Cooper’s Poynt Family School, located in the neighborhood of North Camden. Similar to the Archway Schools, this program will operate during normal school hours on a ten month school year, beginning September 6th, 2018.


To read the full story, click here.

The Archway School at Coopers Poynt_AP 1

The Archway Schools Kick Off 10th Annual Special Olympics Inspired Event

Before summer came to a close, Archway staff and students from The Archway Schools celebrated the 10th Annual Archway Games, inspired by the Special Olympics. The Archway Games is a fun annual event that gives students an opportunity to compete in activities, work on skills including fine and gross motor, team building and sportsmanship. All of the students at the Archway Schools have an opportunity to interact with each other on different levels while cheering each other on.


To watch news coverage from the event, click here.

The Archway Schools Receive National Recognition as a School of Excellence

NASET photo.jpg

The Archway Schools leadership team, Principals Mike Graff and Mark Letiziano with Executive Director Education Department, Susan Lafferty.

For the fifth consecutive year, the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has named The Archway Schools as a 2018-2019 School of Excellence. Congratulations to all of our dedicated, talented and compassionate staff members who made this possible! The NASET School of Excellence is the highest level of recognition a private education school can achieve through their professional association. The Archway Schools are one of five private special education schools in South Jersey that were selected as 2018-2019 NASET School of Excellence.


To read more, click here.

NASET photo.jpg
Just Kids Tatem - Poster 2018.jpg

The Just Kids Program Wins Statewide Contest!

They had a very special reason for choosing the artwork that they created. Their inspiration came from some of the children in the  Just Kids Program who have autism. Each of the kids designed their own puzzle piece and then fit them all together. Much like a puzzle, it can be difficult to make sense of something or put the pieces together when individually each one of us faces unique challenges. It may not always be easy since each person has their own way of fitting in, however it’s these differences that make us a unit. The children at Just Kids are hoping that this urges others to be kind and more accepting of others facing challenges. To read the full story, click here.

Students from Archway’s Just Kids Program at Tatem Elementary in Collingswood, created and won the NJSACC’s (New Jersey’s School Age Care Coalition) first ever annual Celebrate Afterschool Poster! NJSACC, the Statewide Network for New Jersey’s Afterschool Communities, received over 100 posters from 14 different afterschool care programs throughout the great state of New Jersey. Poster submissions were due in March and created  by youth attending afterschool programs. Students in the Just Kids Program worked together and made a colorful puzzle piece poster listing out what they love to do in their afterschool program.


Congratulations to our Leader of the Year and Employee of the Year recipients!


Each one of these individuals has made extraordinary contributions to the mission and vision of Archway Programs and we are proud to call each one of you part of our Archway Family. To read the full story, click here.

Archway's Leader of the Year

Ashlee Battle, Partial Care Services Program Director


“Ashlee is a true leader not only in her position as Partial Care Services Program Director, but for individuals served and those in the community. She is constantly empowering others and helping individuals remove barriers to work through whatever issues they may be facing. She exemplifies excellence in her profession and we could not be more proud to have her at Archway Programs,” stated Shawn Gibson, Chief Operating Officer at Archway Programs.

Archway's Employee of the Year

Brenda Saunders, Coordinator of Staffing & Licensing

Just Kids Program

Russell Polk, Programs Transportation Driver


“Brenda’s positive can do attitude and even keeled personality have been a core reason for the Just Kids Program’s history of success. She played a vital role in the infrastructure of the Just Kids Program as we have grown and developed over the past 30 years,” stated Lorin Powell, Just Kids Program Director.

“Russell is someone I know I can always count on, he’s someone I know will go above and beyond my expectations. He’s extremely compassionate, respectful and has a heart of gold. We are very lucky to have him,” said Sherri Bishop, Transportation Coordinator at Archway Programs.

Archway's Employees of the Year

Archway staff members, individuals and families served, local police and fire departments and our parent affiliate company, Woods, all attended to show their support at the 9th Annual Hands Around the Lake. The goal of this event is to educate others about autism, so that as a community, we can not only be more aware, but accept and include all of those affected by autism and other disabilities. Many individuals served at Archway Programs are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), so this is something that hits close to home for many of our families.

Autism event 2018 2.jpg
Autism event 2018.JPG

Music teachers from both schools and students performed live music. Activities included climbing into a sensory-friendly firetruck, thanks to the Evesham Township Fire Department, and a petting zoo. Students also made Light It Up Blue candles which were for sale at the event, a beautiful floral arrangement which was raffled off and baked goods organized by both Archway schools. To read more, click here.

We are proud to share some incredible news regarding our Parent Affiliate, Woods Services! Woods Services recently announced they have signed an agreement for Legacy Treatment Services to become an affiliate of Woods. Once the affiliation is approved, Legacy will officially become Woods’ fifth affiliate and its third in New Jersey.

Archway Programs is truly excited to be a part of the Woods family as it continues to grow, helping more individuals and families throughout our communities. Click here to view the official news release.

"Our Employee Recognition Breakfast reminds us about what is important about Archway,'' Richards said. “It's not all about our accomplishments. It’s all about the people. Thank you for all that you do every day, even when there is no recognition,” he said.


Pictured to the right are all of the employee award recipients at the event in addition to Archway Programs’ Board of Trustees.

Archway Programs’ Board of Trustees hosted its eleventh annual Employee Recognition Breakfast this morning with nearly 80 people in attendance and 38 staff members as they were honored in the Career Center at Archway’s Upper School. Each year Archway takes time to recognize its employees with longevity and salute outstanding staff members who have supported the organization as they reach career service milestones. Archway employees were recognized for 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 years of service.

Special congratulations to Kathleen Rapp and Sandra Graeber (pictured left) for 25 and 30 years of employment at Archway Programs!

Archway Programs’ Employee Recognized at Philadelphia Flyers Game
Ron Reid selected as Community Teammate Honoree

Ron Reid represented Archway Programs at a Philadelphia Flyers game for being identified as a Community Teammate, recognized for his service and dedication to improving his community. The recognition was presented to Mr. Reid by Philadelphia Insurance Group and the Philadelphia Flyers. Reid along with thousands of Flyers fans watched an exclusive special feature interview on the video board where staff members talked about the incredible work Reid does at Archway Programs. This wasn’t the only surprise that was in store for him though. Bob “The Hound” Kelly presented Reid with a customized Flyers jersey signed by “The Hound” himself! Reid, an avid Philadelphia sports fan, knew exactly who Kelly was and was grateful to get the opportunity to meet him. Bob Kelly is a former NHL Philadelphia Flyers player and currently serves as a Flyers Ambassador.


Archway Programs was honored to host Byhaveskolen



Archway Programs was honored to host Byhaveskolen representatives as they joined forces, shared innovative ideas and discussed industry trends on Tuesday, January 16th. Archway’s administration sat down with the Danish special needs school
educators to collaborate and gain outside perspective. Both organizations share similar goals in providing the best education and individualized care to students to prepare them for real life.


“Archway Programs believes that there is a place for everyone. We share the same goal, to meet the needs of each individual served, despite any challenges they may face. It’s key that we establish camaraderie throughout our industry so we can come together and keep moving forward,” said Marge Conner-Levin, Archway Programs’ Chief Executive Officer.


To read the full story, click here.

Local Business Spreads Christmas Cheer to Archway Programs’
Partial Care Services Children

Closing down their service bay to accommodate 40 kids of Archway Programs’ Partial Care Services, Honda gives Christmas gifts that these kids otherwise would not be receiving from Santa this year. Last month, the kids wrote down their top three Christmas gifts, not knowing if they would receive any. They received not just one, but all three of the items on their wish list. The look of joy and pure excitement on the kids’ faces were priceless as Santa and Mrs. Claus delivered their gifts. Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived on a firetruck nonetheless, thanks to the Whitman Square Fire Company of Washington Township. The holiday event also included a photo booth as part of the fun pizza party celebration. What’s more, Honda of Turnersville surprised Archway Programs and donated a check in the amount of $1,000.00 for the children in the Partial Care Services’ programs. Click here to read more.

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