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Archway Students Learn the Importance of Face Masks

Getting used to wearing face masks (and keeping them on) can be challenging for all children. This is exacerbated when working with children with special needs. To teach our students the importance of wearing masks, our teachers got creative. Ms. Chayla, Art Teacher of the Archway Lower School, had some help from a puppet named Carlos who is known for making guest appearances at the Archway Schools. This time, Carlos assisted our teachers in explaining why it’s important that we all wear masks and how it keeps not only them but also their families and friends safe.

Archway Lower School Teacher Ms. Lee sewed white masks for the kids to decorate themselves which also helped because they were excited to wear their own creations (see below). Thanks to our teachers’ dedication and creative collaboration, several of our students are now mask-compliant. #ArchwayProud

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