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Just Kids Lends A Helping Hand

Children in our Just Kids Program learned that no matter how big or small, every person can make a BIG difference in the lives of others! Every year, each of our Just Kids’ sites chooses at least one community service activity. Children reached out to those in need throughout their communities and all over the world this past school-year. Community involvement is part of the curriculum in the Just Kids program at each of the 21 locations. Children not only actively participate in community service projects, but they also decide as a group what the focus will be each year. Being able to give back and help others, students see themselves as part of the world around them, and see that they can individually and collectively make a big difference – even as children.

Some of the Just Kids' community service projects for the 2018-2019 school year include:

*Center Square – Cleaned up the outside of their school

*Zane North – Prepared sandwiches for the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden, NJ

*Atco – Invited officers from the Waterford Township Police Department to a breakfast

to thank them for their service in the community.

To learn more about Just Kids, click here.

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