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Step by Step Early Intervention Provider is committed to creating partnerships with children and families to foster and encourage the development of infants and young children with developmental delays.  Services we provide services for children from birth to three years old. Our goal is to work in partnership with families to develop and implement strategies that address specific goals.


We believe the best model for success is collaborative – families working together with therapists.


Our services include:

• Evaluation/assessment of your child addressing 7 areas of development

• Cognitive – Using problem solving strategies and toys in play.

• Communication – Understanding what is said and/or following directions (receptive) and making needs known, sometimes through talking (expressive).

• Social-Emotional – Interacting with children, adults, and the environment.

• Gross Motor – Moving through space and large body movement.

• Fine Motor – Using hands for play and small movement activities.

• Self-Help/Adaptive Skills – Performing daily activities, such as feeding, sleeping, dressing, and toileting.

• Sensory – Receiving and using information through vision, hearing, and touch as well as responding to environment.Written Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP):

• Created in collaboration with families.

• Describes specific goals, desired outcomes, and strategies to address the goals.


Home and community based Early Intervention services:

• Developmental Intervention

• Speech Therapy

• Physical Therapy

• Occupational Therapy

• Ongoing assessment of child and family needs.

• Social Services as needed – offering support and education to families, guardians, and primary caretakers, and networking with appropriate agencies to address family needs and concerns.


Our Team

We provide services through an integrated approach that includes family and therapists working together in settings that are familiar to your child. During each visit, our practitioners provide information, ideas and strategies that you can continue to use with your child throughout the day.


In addition to the families we serve, our team includes:

• Occupational Therapists

• Physical Therapists• Social Workers

• Speech & Language Pathologists• Early Childhood & Special Education Teachers


Each practitioner holds appropriate license and/or certification as required by their specific discipline. We strive to maintain a highly qualified team.


Contact Information Step by Step, Early Intervention Provider

PHONE: 856-767-4180

FAX: 856-767-0670 or email us at


If you believe your child may need Early Intervention Services, please call toll free:

1-888-NJ-EI-INFO or 1-888-653-4463

Step By Step

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