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Supported Employment Program

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Supported Employment Program

Archway's Supported Employment Program provides vocational services to enable adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to work and contribute to society, and be seen as valued members of their communities. We pride ourselves in believing that all individuals, regardless of the nature or extent of their disability deserve the opportunity and support to work in the community.


Our Staff

Archway staff locates meaningful jobs in the community, providing job training and on-the-job support, with a focus on each person’s abilities. Archway staff meets each individual where they are at, providing necessary supports to ensure successful employment on a long-term basis. This is just as important for community businesses as it is to our clients, providing financial independence and true community inclusion.

                                                   All of the services are based on EACH individual’s strengths, abilities and needs

                                                  impressing the importance of Archway’s core value — Individuality.


Vocational Evaluations

This service provides diagnostic services to individuals with I/DD exploring their vocational interests and abilities. A written report is generated by the Work Evaluator, which highlights strengths as well as areas that may need additional training. Community job samplings are conducted in this service.


Work Adjustment Training

This training assists individuals with I/DD to develop the vocational skills and social behaviors necessary for successful employment. Areas of concern identified in the vocational evaluation will be addressed through counseling and vocational training as well as additional job samplings.


Extended Employment

This service provides ongoing support to individuals with I/DD. Staff assist individuals in maximizing their earnings and offer individual habilitation plans in an effort to foster independence and enhance self-esteem.

Employment Services 

  • Vocational assessments of an individual's skills, abilities, strengths, aptitude, and limitations

  • Career Counseling

  • Personalized instruction in resume writing and assistance with applications/interviews

  • Community job development and placement

  • On-site job coaching

  • Assistance with employer-employee relationship building

  • Ongoing job skill maintenance and evaluation


Eligibility Requirements / Referrals

  • Must be over 21 years old & registered with the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)

  • Intellectual/Developmental Disability

  • Referrals are accepted (click here to submit an online referral form)



For more information about Archway's Supported Employment Program, please contact Mickie Patetta via phone at 856.767.5757 x374 or via email at

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